Types of treatments

Here is a list of various domains that can be targeted by treatment. Some treatments may have multileveled potential impacts.

This list will over the next few months be built out so it becomes few levels deeper (i.e. links to sub-pages with more detail.  For as many treatments as possible there will be information about the treatment’s purpose, plausibility, effectiveness and level of available evidence.

This list is NOT A SET OF RECOMMENDATIONS.  It is instead in keeping with the purpose of this website: to evaluate underlying assumptions and evidence.

  • Behavior
    • Discrete Trials
    • Relationship building
  • Brain
    • Sleep hygiene
    • Seizure medications
    • Psychopharmacology
    • Orthomolecular medicine
    • Neurofeedback
    • Neuromotor training
  • Thinking
    • Social Skills training
    • Training in theory of mind
    • Executive function training
  • Sensing and perceiving
    • Listening therapies
    • Sensory integration
    • Arts and music
    • Neuromotor training
  • Regulation
    •  Relaxation training
    • Stress management
    • Co-regulation
    • Synchrony
    • Microcurrent therapy
  • Obstruction
    • Reduction of severity of pathophysiological disturbances
    • Improvement of regularity of daily rhythms to promote lower stress and better sleep
    • Improving resiliency, nutritional stores
  • Genes
    • Targeted pharmaceuticals
    • Nutrigenomics
  • Environment
    • Exposure reduction
      • “Clean rooms” (special rooms with no dust, off-gassing, etc)
      • Resource list
    • Nutritional and diet support of detox systems
    • Body burden reduction – methods of detox
    • Infection reduction
    • Reduction of exposure to infectious agents
      • Clean houses, dishcloths; hand-washing; eliminate household mold
  • Physiology
    • Nutrition
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Chinese medicine
    • Vigorous exercise
  • Total Load
    • reduction of noxious exposures, stress, food additives, etc.
    • institution of clean, organic practices

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